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Easy homemade muscle rub

Yesterday, rushing out the door to arguably the biggest day of my career thus far, the slippery steps outside moved or something, and I took a fall. Nothing makes you feel older than “taking a fall,” so I’ve decided to use the terminology of the aged when recounting the tale.

So I took this fall, bruising much of the back side of me, then spent a 12-hour day coordinating a large, multi-faceted event, and crashed pretty early – after wine, of course.

This morning began with a bummer of a stiff, sore neck. While I fully intend to spend all of today in my pajamas, sitting down, it would still be nice to have full range of motion so I can watch TV with the ol’ neck at an ideal angle. To that end, I’ve been medicating with this topical rub I whipped up experimentally – a blend of essential oils with pain relieving, anti-spasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s got both warming and cooling oils in it, which makes me wonder whether they’ll cancel each other out, but lo! It’s helping already, so I’d like to share the recipe:


Plus a pumpkin, for your enjoyment.

Topical essential oil muscle rub

Mix into about 1/4  C almond oil, coconut oil, or other carrier oil:

15 drops each lavender, peppermint, and clove oil
10 drops eucalyptus radiata oil
5 drops each lemon and orange oil
3 drops vetiver oil*

Apply ONLY topically, and enjoy the fragrance while you heal. Ice is also a great idea.

*Roman chamomile, helichrysm, and clary sage oils would also be fantastic in this blend. I don’t have them, though. I use Native American Nutritionals oils, because I have found them best, personally, for their quality-to-price ratio and their availability in smaller sizes, but you use whichever ones you like. Just keep in mind many grocery store oils are not as effective as the higher-quality brands.

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