Yard Sale Mandoline

Lafayette. Charleston. Aurora. Etc.

In the wake of unspeakable,  increasingly more common tragedy, can we please encourage the media to stop publicizing details like the “glint
of his gun” and the nuances of his agenda, pictures of him looking crazy-faced or like a badass?

Media outlets, you have given racists, bigots, and the mentally ill with gun access a direct path to fame and the blaze of glory they dream of. For clicks and ratings, you’ve shown them there is one surefire way to make their voices heard.

“Step right up; kill some folks and we’ll make sure every word of your manifesto is published nationally. The more people die, the more we’ll delve into the details of your existence, and tell everyone all about it.” News media, you have blood on your hands, and you seem to have answered the question “Is it worth it?” with a resounding “Yes.”

There’s no better time than the present to make a values shift, but it will take the voices of all of us, who, just by sheer luck of the genetics draw or the town we call home, haven’t been victimized. So let’s stand up. Let’s call it out. Let’s provide the accountability the media is unwilling to seek at the expense of ratings. Let’s shift the focus to the culprits who aren’t dead and whom we can impact. By all means, let’s refuse to engage with their “violence porn,” to borrow a term, and let’s instead share articles like this one, which (though that link’s a slightly different topic) are revealing in a way that is beneficial and constructive, and provide an action plan for those of us who are alive to Do Something.

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