Yard Sale Mandoline


In a wonderful place (the Napa chefs' garden) with a wonderful person (my love, not pictured), holding a wonderful flower (an artichoke, given to me by the gardener).

That there’s me. My name is Malerie, and though I’ve bounced up and down the West Coast a bit, I am a Pacific Northwest girl through-and-through. You name the Portland stereotype, and it’s plausible I can identify with it. Front yard garden? Check. Locally-bought goods enthusiasm? Check. Dog that gets treated like a person? Check. Beer-brewing, coffee-roasting husband? Check. Backyard chickens? Yessir. Commute by bicycle? Once.

I love reading, cooking, writing, gardening,  wine, nights out at restaurants with friends, nights watching TV with my husband, hiking with the dog, crafting new ways to decorate my space, and adventures in new places, whether they’re simple or grand. I spend my geek-out time listening to French music and Google-Mapsing road trips in places all over the world. During most of my free time, you will either find me in the kitchen or outdoors. I will invariably be barefoot. Shoes are for the weak. Except the cute shoes.


Above you’ll see my mandoline. The mandoline is a French invention, originally – a kitchen gadget used for slicing large quantities of produce. Mine is indispensable, for making homemade potato chips, sauerkraut, or just making quick work of any veggies that would benefit from being uniformly smaller. To purchase one, you can spend anywhere from $40 (on a cheap, scary one that could send you to the emergency room) to $300 (on a Williams-Sonoma model that will also fold your laundry and tell you you’re sexy). Or you can go the Malerie route and find a gently used, good quality variety for $10 at a yard sale. On your birthday. I feel this scrappy little mandoline is a good representation of how I try to live, on the good days: gourmet on a budget. Unpretentious and capable, full of DIY spirit and the ability to produce delightful treats. If nothing else, it represents a solid aspiration and I love it.



That’s my husband. We are much less shiny in person. An accountant, an inventor, a thinker, a scientist… this guy is hilarious and compassionate, and we coexist to the happiest extent two introverted best friends can share space.

Well, enough of that sentiment! Here’s hoping you read some stuff!

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